12 days of Tampa Bay

Hyde Park Village Christmas Tree

Good things come in small parcels over at Hyde Park Village.

Photo by TBAYtoday

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It’s the time of year when radio stations are playing endless rounds of carols. We thought we’d contribute to the ever-growing canon of holiday tunes with our own semi-original song featuring our favorite topic — yup, you guessed it — Tampa Bay.

Now don’t get your stockings in a twist — this isn’t even close to an exhaustive list. We could fill 100 verses with things we love about Tampa Bay, but to preserve your time — and all of our sanity — we’ll just stick to one. So, here you have it: 12 Days of TBAY.

On the 12th day of Christmas, Cigar City sent to me... 🎶

Twelve sister cities
That’s just in Tampa; there are actually sixteen when you include the Burg.

Eleven ounces in our mug
Need a last-minute gift idea? May I suggest heading to our online shop?

Ten secret beaches
No snowbirds, no problem (except if you’re a reader, then we love you). We rounded up the best beaches with minimal activity.

Nine hallowed holiday traditions
Tampa Bay has an incredible lineup of festive happenings and seasonal festivals this time of year.

Eight ways to give back
Have some extra time and want to give back to foster children or your neighbors in need? Now’s your chance to give back to our neighbors.

Seven reputable restaurants and bars
In need of a tasty cocktail or a Michelin-starred meal? There’s plenty to go around inside Tampa’s newest hotel, The Edition.

Six places to get your holiday tree
We jotted down a few spots to purchase yours.

Five activities to do this winter
Technically you can do this stuff all year round, but with temps just a smidge cooler — everything’s a little bit more enjoyable.

Four ribbon-like rivers
DYK Tampa Bay has four main waterways? We didn’t either till we cooked up this list of interesting factoids.

Three trails for trekking
Hike, hike, baby. Surprisingly, ol’ flat Florida has a handful of picturesque spots to unleash your wild side.

Two awesome editors
Humble-brag incoming. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing the news with thousands of readers on the daily — and we love every second of it.

And a really old, really cool shuffleboard club
What really is a partridge in a pear tree? I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s definitely not the St. Petersburg Mirror Lake Park Shuffleboard Club. That’s for sure.

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