Tampa Bay’s hottest tech companies 🔥

Recognizing some of our favorite tech, health, and food innovators in TBAY.

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Vū Studio’s LED background provides a backdrop for a local music video.

Photo by @vuatusf

Earlier this month, Tampa Bay Inno recognized 35 local companies in its annual Flame Awards.

We know that sometimes talking tech, numbers, facts, and figures can feel like a total snooze fest, so we’re here to spice things up.

Here are five of our top Tampa Bay-based movers and shakers, heating up the global playing field + setting our region ablaze.

🎟 Satisfi Labs

  • They created the AI chat you use when you need help buying tickets to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers in action.
  • Think: Those 24/7 help chats when you go to a website.

🍴 Omnivore

  • If you’ve ever worked behind a digital cash register — you know there are a ton of buttons you have to click correctly to make a sale. Omnivore streamlines the job by combining the average cash register with digital software.
  • Think: Those touchscreen cash registers that employees flip around for your signature — they seem to be everywhere.

🍞 Base Culture

  • No matter how you slice it, this natural food brand is known for supplying Tampa Bay with paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free frozen baked goods. Products are sold at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, and Fresh Market.
  • Think: Healthy loaves of bread, different kinds of nut butter, and more.

💉 Morphogenesis

  • This health tech company is focused on creating a skin cancer drug that will help treat patients with advanced melanoma.
  • Think: An injection you’d get at the hospital to help ease symptoms and slow melanoma.

🎥 Vū Technologies Corp.

  • This company is the film industry’s leading virtual film studio network, serving filmmakers, production companies, enterprise brands, and metaverse developers.
  • Think: A colossal-sized curved LED TV that CBS Sports, Neiman Marcus, WWE, and Mercedez-Benz rented out for promos and commercials.
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