Tampa Bay cookbooks old and new

Cook Tampa Bay restaurant faves from the comfort of your own home with these cookbooks.

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Discover long-established classic dishes and modern cutting-edge culinary creations in “Tampa’s Table.”

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Bon appétit, TBAY

As the website places.travel puts it, Tampa Bay’s food scene is truly “a feast for the senses.” And what better way to dig in than in the comfort of your own home?

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or an aspiring home chef, we’ve gathered a collection of TBAY-centric cookbooks that will give you the perfect ingredients for a delicious journey:

“Tampa’s Table: A Culinary Journey through Tampa Bay” | Visit Tampa Bay

Packed with bold flavors + 60 innovative recipes from chefs from Bern’s Steak House, Dough, Ulele, and more, this cookbook is a culinary treasure trove. Pro tip: if you prefer to follow along with a video, there’s a YouTube accompaniment.

“A Taste of Tampa: Lickety-Split Recipes” | Junior League of Tampa, FL

In a hurry but still craving a delicious home-cooked meal? This 182-page vintage jewel has your back with recipes for seafood dishes and hors d’oeuvres.

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Family Cookbook 1996-1997" | Members of the Buccaneer Organization and Their Partners

If you’re looking to feed your team on gameday, this one’s for you. This collection has game day recipes from players, coaches, fans, and their spouses. Selections include burger sliders, bean dip, and buffet-style meals for large gatherings.

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Columbia Restaurant is actually the state’s oldest grubbery.

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“Tampa with a Twist” | Visit Tampa Bay

Pull up a seat at the bar and raise your glass, TBAY. This cocktail companion takes the vibrant spirit of Cigar City and shakes it up into a handful of concoctions from Prohibition era rum runners to drinks from Tampa’s first breweries.

“The Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook” | Adela Hernandez Gonzmart and Ferdie Pacheco

Craving the vibrant flavors of Ybor’s historic food haven? The unique 115th anniversary edition cookbook serves up recipes for Spanish bean soup, mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches, and more.

“Fabulous Food” | Crippled Children’s Hospital Guild

This hard-to-find 1960s collectible is a delectable taste of the Burg’s yesteryears, featuring recipes like Hershey Bar pie and even an Irish Coffee.

Did we miss your favorite cookbook? Let us know.

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