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Savor a taste of Italy in Davis Islands

It can be hard to get enough time off for a trip to Italy, but a new Tampa spot just made it easier.

Two people stand at the window of Buchette Spritz Bar in Davis Islands. The wall is painted with the colors of the Italian flag, and the wooden window shutters are wide open. The people behind the bar are smiling with bottles behind them, and a drink on the flower-laden counter.

Service with a smile.

Say hello to Buchette Spritz Bar, a new walk-up window steeped in Italian cultural history which just opened in Davis Islands. Windows like this are known in Italy as buchette del vino, translating to “wine windows.” They grew popular during times of plague in the 17th century. Think of it as an ancient form of curbside pickup.

Per its Instagram page, Buchette is “where tradition meets innovation in the world of wine.” The spot also serves up nibbles and delightful spritz options. Exhibit A.

Head to 236 E. Davis Blvd. to try it for yourself, and make sure to tag us on Instagram in your photos + stories.

Pro tip: If you’re on the hunt for some of the other spritz options in the Tampa Bay area — including non-alcoholic choices — City Editor Patrick is also a big fan of M.Bird at Armature Works, and Intermezzo in St. Pete.

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