Theatre Tampa Bay’s awards nominees

The local professional theater community has named its 2022 awards contenders.

Faizan Basheer, Nicole Jeannine Smith, Cornelio “Coky” Aguilera in rehearsal for "Animals Out of Paper" at Jobsite Theater.

TTB Awards 2022 three-time nominee Nicole Jeannine Smith, with her co-stars in Jobsite’s “Animals Out of Paper,” Faizan Basheer (left) and Cornelio “Coky” Aguilera.

Photo by Ned Averill-Snell

The nominees for the 2022 Theatre Tampa Bay Awards were announced on Sunday. Panels of volunteer judges make the decisions about who gets nominated and the public is invited to see the results live during TTB’s 2022 Awards Gala on Sun., Oct. 23, at the HCC Ybor Mainstage.

Standouts include Stageworks Theatre, which received a whopping 40 nominations, and the MVP’s in the acting categories: Nicole Jeannine Smith, who was nominated for her performances in three different shows, and two-show nominees Andresia Moseley and Matthew McGee.

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