A sonnet for TBAY

Valentine’s Day has got us in our feelings for the most wonderful place to be.

A close up shot of a rose with water petals on it. The red rose is surrounded by dark green leaves.

We’re showing our love for the Tampa Bay area.

Photo by Jovana Nesic via Pexels

Whether you grew up in Tampa Bay, or found your way here later in life, it has a place in all our hearts. What better way to show our love than with a sonnet for our home?

Beneath the pale blue, cloudless Florida sky,
The palm trees sway in gentle coastal trance,
And soon it turns to lapis lazuli,
Before the bursting of a sunset’s dance.

Right here, among the birds and manatees,
In Tampa Bay, we live, and work, and play.
It’s where we build our homes, and plant our trees;
It’s where we’re offered choices every day.

Perhaps a trip to Bayshore or the beach.
A walk through Hyde Park Village or St. Pete.
Some brunch, the zoo, museums — we’ve got each
and more. Adventure lines each road and street.

Before the sunset’s dance, to end the day,
Remember, show some love for Tampa Bay.

If you’ve got any poetry for TBAY, we’d love to read it.

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