Would you rather: TBAY edition

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Sunset on St. Pete Beach.

Would you rather...

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There are countless wonderful things about the Tampa Bay area, but what if you had to choose your very favorites? Today, we’re bringing back the classic slumber party game of “Would you Rather” — get to choosing.

Disclaimer: TBAYtoday is not responsible for any heated debates that may result from this game.

Would you rather...

  • Cheer on the Rays or the Bucs
  • Spend an afternoon at Clearwater Beach or Pass-A-Grille
  • Have a coffee date at Oxford Exchange or Black Crow Coffee Co.
  • Grab fresh produce at the Saturday Morning Market or The Market at Water Street
  • Take your furry friend to The Dog Bar or Pups Pub
  • Spend hours at the St. Petersburg Museum of History or the Tampa Museum of Art
  • Live in St. Petersburg or Tampa (sorry, we had to)

Let us know your responses + if you had as much fun as we did, suggest more rounds for future games.


We asked, and you decided your fate. Most would rather...

  • Cheer on the Bucs. (Lucky for you, we’ve got a season preview guide coming up next month. Stay tuned.)
  • Spend an afternoon at Pass-A-Grille.
  • Take your coffee date to Oxford Exchange.
  • Shop fresh produce at the Saturday Morning Market.
  • This vote was split, so it seems that folks can agree: The Dog Bar 🤝 Pups Pub.
  • Spend hours at The St. Petersburg Museum of History.
  • Drumroll please... the majority of you are St. Pete proud (but only by one vote — it was close).

Note: We love and support all of our local businesses, and we would rather remind everyone this is just a friendly game.