How would Santa’s reindeer spend Christmas in Tampa Bay?

We wouldn’t want Rudolph getting bored now, would we?

A reindeer walks through the snow. There are others grazing behind it.

Rudolph’s coming — get the carrots ready.

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Santa Claus is coming to town, and so are his furry antlered friends. But how would they spend their time in TBAY?

Before we get started, here’s a fun fact: Science suggests Santa’s reindeer are female, as males do not have their antlers at Christmas time. Let’s plan an itinerary for the girls while the big man does his whole chimney-climbing thing.

🏃 Dasher

Dasher ain’t hangin’ around — she’s hitting the road.

Luckily for her, we came up with 10 day trips from the Tampa Bay area, including outdoor adventures, places awash in small-town charm, and educational retreats. Don’t be late, Dasher, or the sleigh will leave without you.

☄️ Comet

Although Comet may be better off taking a trip out to the Space Coast with Dasher, she still has stargazing + outdoor options in TBAY.

MOSI’s Saunders Planetarium would most likely be her favorite spot, while our parks offer a chance to gaze up and dream about the universe, and our beaches give sunrise + sunset opportunities galore.

💃 Dancer + Prancer

You just know this pair would hit the town.

A night-time stroll down St. Pete’s Central Avenue would give these two their share of options, as would Ybor City’s Seventh Avenue, or SoHo’s sprawling bar + club scene.

And if they feel like an earlier evening, there’s always our live music venues where they can boogie away.

The sun sets at Redington Shores. There are clouds in the sky and shells in the sand.

The last sight before heading back to the North Pole.

Photo by TBAYtoday

💖 Cupid

Cupid would have no shortage of romantic choices in TBAY — trust us.

She might spend a Saturday in the sand, or dine in downtown decadence before roaming the Riverwalk. Can reindeer swoon?

🔴 Rudolph

The big dog (metaphorically). The leader of the herd.

Rudolph would be the one in the know, keeping her friends informed about upcoming events, new restaurants + bars, and all the most important news in the Tampa Bay area.

In other words, she would subscribe to the TBAYtoday newsletter, and stay plugged into our Instagram, too.