Drive safe — speed cameras are coming to Hillsborough County schools

The measure was approved by Tampa City Council last week.

A school zone sign. There are trees in the background, and the sign says 15 mph when flashing.

School zone speed limits can vary.

Photo by TBAYtoday

Last year, the Florida legislature approved a bill to allow counties + municipalities to install speed cameras in and around schools.

In November, Hillsborough County Commissioners greenlit plans to set up these cameras in our area, envisioning installation in 29 school zones.

Tampa City Council has now chosen the 13 Hillsborough County Public Schools outside which cameras will be installed: 10 elementary schools + three middle schools. Check out the full list.

The cameras will be in operation for 30 minutes before the school day starts, and for 30 minutes after it ends. Anyone caught driving 10+ mph over the posted speed limit during these times will face a $100 fine.

A Hillsborough County Public Schools spokesperson told the Tampa Bay Times that the measure is “a proactive solution to continue to protect students around their schools and neighborhoods.”