How to take advantage of the SunRunner while it’s free

The bus system will begin implementing a fare on Sunday, Oct. 1.


The SunRunner rides off into the sunset through midnight.

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On Sunday, Oct. 1, the currently free-to-ride SunRunner will begin implementing a $2.25 fare.

In the meantime, we’re making the most of the free bus rapid transit service, and we’re here to help you do the same.

How to ride

First and foremost, download the PSTA-endorsed transit app. In the app, you’ll be able to enter your starting location and desired destination, and it will help you plan your trip. Wait at your station for the bus to arrive (you can see how long the wait is on the totem sign at each station), and begin your trip.

Where to go

We have a few ideas on how to best take advantage of the SunRunnner, from bar crawls to beach days.

🏖️ Ride the bus to the Beach Access stop + enjoy a day on St. Pete Beach. If you’re more in the mood for a beachside beverage, get off at 55th Ave. and walk to Harry’s Beach Bar (~4 minutes).

🍹 Plan a SunRunner bar crawl (click the link for more on that).

🥬 Try Meatless Mondays and stop at 22nd Street N. or 22nd Street S. (depending on the direction you’re coming from) to walk to Love Food Central Cafe or House of Vegano (both ~5-minute walk from either stop).

💕 Date idea, anyone? Get off at one of the 22nd Street stops again and make a day of it by grabbing coffee at Black Crow, shopping vintage at Wendy’s Closet, and exploring the Imagine Museum. (~3 minutes from Black Crow to Wendy’s, ~4 minutes from Wendy’s to Imagine).

☕ Speaking of coffee, there’s plenty of shops near stops: Craft Kafe off 3rd Street S., Beans & Barlour off 5th Street N. or 5th Street S., Driftwood Kava & Roastery off 8th Street N. or 8th Street S., and The Crumb Factory Bakery & Cafe off 58th Street N. or 58th Street S.

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