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Take a peek at Florida’s flamingos

We’re sharing spots to mingle with the funky flock.

A pink flamingo looks out into the water

Make sure to bring a camera to take pictures of the flock.

Photo by @stpetefl

Florida’s run amuck with flouncy flamingos. And not just at Tampa International.

More than 100 wild Flamingos were counted roaming the Sunshine State as of February. That number comes from Audubon Florida’s recently released results of its American Flamingo census.

The birds somehow found their way to Florida during Hurricane Idalia last August, and they seem to be sticking around

Other than getting lucky + spotting one in the wild, you can also visit one of the brightly colored birds at one of our fave local spots:

And if you do encounter one of these marvelous creatures in the wild, please send your photo our way — so we can share with the rest of the flock.

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