The future of St. Petersburg’s Dalí

The iconic Dalí Museum shown at a distance

St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum sits on the city’s waterfront.

Photo by @dalimuseum

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St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum is easily recognizable on the city’s Downtown Waterfront — the mirrored facade and sturdy palm trees stick out like a well-manicured thumb. Its massive collection of Salvador Dalí’s works (including the melting clocks) and popular exhibits (remember the Van Gogh installation) are beloved by tourists and locals alike.

But what changes could be in store for the iconic institution’s future? A ballot item in this November’s election would allow the Dalí to continue its transformation. The museum is already set to begin work on a new dome structure later this month — with plans to finish the project in 2023.

What you need to know

  • If approved, the amendment would add additional city-owned property to the museum’s lease.
  • The Dalí's plan includes building a 60,000 sqft expansion to the west to use for community and educational initiatives.
  • The expansion would not cut into public access of the waterfront, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
  • The institution would have to coexisit with the Mahaffey Theater and the St. Pete Grand Prix.
  • Leaders estimate the new space would open in 2025.
dali expansion

Renderings of the next phase of the expansion.

Photo by the Dalí Museum

Read more about the institution’s vision on its website.

Who will pay?

  • The expansion is expected to cost $55 million.
  • The Dalí will fund the project with corporate sponsorships, a $17.5M capital grant from the Pinellas County Commission from hotel tax revenue, individual donations, and money from the museum’s expansion fund, according to the website.

How to vote 🗳️

Read more about the ballot measure, here. Elections are on Nov. 8which is quickly approaching. Check your polling location and what to bring to vote, here.

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