The Buccaneers bring back retro “Creamsicle” jerseys for the 2023 season

The Buccaneers are bringing back their old orange jerseys.

Bucs creamsicle

Do you prefer the orange on white or white on orange look?

Photos via @cardsofphil

This week the Buccaneers alluded to their new — scratch that — old orange jerseys in a dramatic video posted by the team’s Twitter account. The video shows former mascot Bucco Bruce (we still love you, Captain Fear) jotting something down on a piece of paper before revealing the words “I’m back.”

We don’t need a crystal ball to connect the dots.

After supply chain issues delayed the throwback jersey drop last year, the team is bringing back their iconic orange jerseys this season. The retro look has been dubbed the “Creamsicle” jerseys by fans, and for good reason: it’s a vibrant + groovy blend of orange, white, and red that will stand out on the field.

The Bucs wore these beauties from their inaugural season in 1976 all the way up through the 1996 season. They did rock the orange a few times from 2009-2012 as a throwback jersey but haven’t worn them since.

Are you ready to set sail with the Bucs in their throwback jerseys, or do you prefer their current style? Let us know.

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