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Meet Tampa Bay Sun Football Club

The new womens professional soccer team finally has a name and a logo.

Leaders clap onstage at the Tampa Bay Sun FC release party celebration.

Tampa’s leadership celebrated at the logo and name release party late last week.

It’s a “Good Day Sunshine,” indeed.

Over the weekend, the incoming USL Super League team celebrated their new name + logo with a massive party in Ybor City. The area’s first women’s professional soccer team will take the field next fall as Tampa Bay Sun Football Club.

The organization received 2,500+ name submissions — with nine people writing in to suggest the Tampa Bay Sun. One of folks wrote in, “you can have Sun, and within an hour you can touch the beach, the city, and the country.”

“We wanted to capture part of what we all love about the Tampa Bay Area and find a symbol that’s full of energy, with the power to connect us all together,” Club President Christina Unkel said in a press release.

The team also launched navy and golden yellow merch on its site for sale.

It’s the latest move for the team, which also recently set up plans to transform Blake High School’s stadium into its temporary home.

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