4 ways to boost home value in the Tampa Bay area

These projects can improve your home value and make your abode more eco-friendly.

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Pause the house hunt and grab your hard hat.

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Looking for a change in scenery? Our real estate market can be a little scary — especially since Tampa ranked No. 9 on FAU’s “10 Most Overpriced Housing Markets in the US” list.

We’re here to tell you that relocation isn’t your only option. There are tons of ways to make it feel like you’re living in a new home.

We’ve constructed four project ideas to help make your abode better, more comfortable, eco-friendly, and, in most cases — more valuable to potential buyers.

Go solar

If there’s one thing we have in the Sunshine State, it’s the sun, and solar panels offer a sustainable way to turn rays into energy. There’s no denying this project is an investment, but with rising electricity bills, it’s one that pays back. Just how much? Here’s some home economics to help:

Make your yard water efficient

A yard that uses less water will be easier to maintain + lower your bill. Tampa Bay Water Wise is a regional water conservation program from Tampa Bay Water. It offers rebates for homeowners who want to waterscape their land to optimize water usage.

  • For example, there is a $250 rebate for a free intelligent irrigation controller that prevents overwatering by tracking soil and weather conditions.
  • Want some more info on conserving water during the drought season? We whipped a few up for you.

Smart appliances

Whether your residence is a single-family, multi-family, or condo, new appliances can improve efficiency + reduce energy consumption. This could be simple as lightbulbs, cool as a smart thermostat, or clean as a washer + dryer. Consumer Reports says new appliances boost home value and support county-wide initiatives to save water and energy.

Get covered outside

We don’t mean to throw shade, but covering your patio or balcony will allow you to spend more time outdoors while consuming less energy. According to the University of Washington, the mere presence of tall trees improves property values throughout a neighborhood by three to 15 percent. Plus, Realtor Magazine says poor landscaping can reduce your home’s value by 30 percent.

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