Ding ding. The TECO Line Streetcar is free to ride for another year.

The free ride continues on the iconic yellow carriage.

The TECO Line Streetcar is directly ahead and is riding away from the camera. There is sunlight coming in from the left and a destination sign on the streetcar reads, "Downtown Tampa."

It’s hard to miss it when it rolls by.

There’s no need to search for spare change as you board the TECO Line Streetcar. That’s thanks to the Florida Department of Transportation who just gave HART a $700,000 grant to keep it free to ride for the next year.

Let’s learn some more about the history of streetcars in Tampa:

  • Roll up, roll up. People started using the mode of transport back in 1892 to commute to and from West Tampa’s cigar factories.
  • In 1946, streetcars stopped running after being outgrown in popularity by cars and buses.
  • The Tampa & Ybor City Street Railway Society campaigned for almost 20 years to get the streetcars running again. They were victorious in 2002 when the carriages hit the road.
  • The streetcar’s loop was later extended to 2.7 miles and now runs from Ybor City to Downtown Tampa.
  • More than 1.2 million trips have been made so far in 2023.
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