Live the neighbor-free life at this home for sale

The iconic Clearwater Beach “Holdout House” is on the market.

A large sandy beach leading up to a two-story home with a large porch.

That’s a front yard we certainly wouldn’t mind enjoying.

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If the jingle parody “Like a good neighbor, stay over there” is more than a joke to you, this may be your dream home.

The famed “Holdout House” — the only single-family home located on Clearwater Point — is now on the market.

The home got its unofficial name thanks to gossip about its first owners, Carl Wilkens and Mary Ackert, who “held out” and refused to sell the house to developers throughout the years.

Later, the house turned hands and went to former WFLA News anchor Joe Mannion and his partner Elizabeth (for “way more than $150,000,” according to a 1979 newspaper article), who lived in the home until they died.

Now, the next owner could be anyone — anyone who happens to have $6.9 million lying around, that is.

House features:

  • 4 BR, 3 Bath
  • Beachside views, unencumbered by tall condos or other development
  • Wraparound porch
  • Detatched two-car garage
  • Plus, it possibly inspired the Disney tearjerker “Up"*

*We have no reason to believe this is true, but the stories do sound similar, don’t they?

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