A final reader story from the 1977 snowfall in the Tampa Bay area

We’re sharing another story from the historic event.

A picture from snowfall in 1977. The words "Florida," "77," and "Tampa" have all been written in snow on cars.

No prizes for guessing which city this photo was taken in.

Photo via @rubencapote49

Last month, we reminisced about the snowfall of 1977 when one to two inches of frosty flakes fell in the Tampa Bay area.

You (our wonderful readers) keep sharing stories and memories from that day, and we have just one more for you. Here’s Michael I.'s tale:

“I drove an old ’57 Chevy pickup at that time. After rehearsing with my band the night before, we walked out to see snowflakes falling, of course assuming it would only melt as it hit the ground. To my surprise, the following morning came with a surreal inch of snow on the lawn. There was about two inches of snow accumulated on the hood of my old truck!”

“My morning commute was a drudge of stop-and-go traffic on Highway 60 from Brandon to East Tampa. Fortunately, I only had one overpass to traverse as the old pickup began to freely slide.”

“The topic of the ‘Blizzard’ dominated water cooler chat for days!”

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