Resources and groups for writers in Tampa Bay, FL

A useful guide for writers in the Tampa Bay area.

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Follow this writing guide on where to network locally with other writers and share your stories

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Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith looking to plot out the next great American novel or a fledgling writer just dipping your quill into the inkwell for the first time, we’ve got you covered. We’ve drafted up a helpful guide on where to find resources, groups, and events in TBAY.

Resources + groups

Elevate your writing game by joining the Bay Area Professional Writers Guild. This group of freelance, non-fiction, and fiction writers offers coaching, workshops, and other resources to help you up your writing ante. Meet them on the fourth Monday of each month at Creative Pinellas (12211 Walsingham Rd.).

Want to hone your writing skills online and avoid common writing pitfalls? For $20, the Poynter Institute offers a workshop on clean and concise writing — and one on writing for SEO, social media, and newsletters. Pro tip: the school also offers a free “Avoiding Plagiarism and Fabrication” course.

Looking to write everything screenplays, comedy skits, and fantasy epics? The Tampa Free Writing Group links up every other Thursday at the Hot Wax Cafe in Ybor for a cuppa joe and some convo. The group of inkslingers talks about everything from unfinished projects to upcoming competitions.


How to Write Realistic and Compelling Dialogue
Location: Station House, St. Pete
Date: Wednesday, May 3 from 6-8 p.m.
Prose Society Writers’ Group teaches storytellers of all levels how to write realistic and compelling dialogue with brainstorming sessions, writing exercises, peer feedback, and reviews.

Ekphrastic Writing Meetup
Location: Tampa International Airport
Date: Saturday, May 6 at 2 p.m.
Meet the Tampa Bay Writing, Publishing & Marketing Group at TPA’s Pheobe the Flamingo sculpture in the main terminal and tour the airport’s art collection for a writing exercise. Then, flock to one of the airport’s bars for a drink + a lively discussion on writing.

Have a great writers group we should check out? Let us know.

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