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On the hunt for Tampa Bay’s best breweries

We’re taking a jaunt to some Tampa + St. Pete local faves.

A hand pours a beer from a tap.

We’ll take a nice tall pour of Jai Alai.

It’s not hard to see that something’s brewing across the Tampa Bay area... with an absolute of explosion of craft breweries and taprooms popping up in every corner of our area. Now, we’re digging into some of our faves + ways to hop onto the scene.

Let’s pour out some picks:

Cigar City Brewing

You’ve definitely seen this brand while cruisin’ the aisles at Publix. You might know it from the brightly-packaged green and orange Jai Alai IPA or one of its buzzy taprooms scattered across the Tampa Bay area. Established in 2009, Cigar City distributes its brews across 40+ states.

3 Daughters Brewing

This spot is hoppin'... no pun intended. Catch live music, play Scrabble, and bring the pup along for a brew or two. There’s 40+ taps to choose from like Beach Blonde Ale or Rosé Hard Cider.

A hand holds up a yellow and blue "Beach Blonde Ale" can from 3 Daughters Brewing up in front of a blue sky with palm trees.

Have you tried 3 Daughters’ Beach Blonde Ale?

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

The family-owned brand stocks three core beers and five seasonal beers at its multiple TBAY locations. We love it for its inventive brew names, like Reef Donkey, Coral Head, and Old Elephant Foot.

BarrieHaus Beer Co.

Transport straight to Deutschland via this microbrewery in the heart of Ybor City. BarrieHaus pours delicious lagers straight from side pull faucets imported from the Czech Republic. Stop by to check out the Aldergaan or Tampa Export, brewed by BarrieHaus, of course.

Green Bench Brewing Company + Webb’s City Cellar

Located right off Central Avenue, Green Bench and its massive patio has long been a local fave with Burg-themed brews like the Postcard Pils, Sunshine City IPA, and the Skyway Hazy DIPA. Plus, the brand’s James Beard Award-nominated Webb City Cellar is just across the patio + boasts mixed culture, sour, and wild ales.

Now’s your turn

City Brewing Tours offers walking tour of Ybor City’s breweries, a Sip Tour of Tampa, or a private tour of brewing spots. So you can devise your rankings of TBAY’s breweries.

Now we want to hear your fave brews. Share your picks.

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