Artificial intelligence recreates Tampa Bay, FL

Using DALL·E 2, an AI photo generator, we created various scenes in Cigar City and beyond.


Prompt: A professional photo of Tampa’s skyline

Graphic via TBAYtoday

We asked DALL·E 2, a free AI system that can create images and art from a description, to craft some scenes from all around TBAY. Spoiler alert: they all came out fantastic.

Note: Click the next arrow to see each photo.

1. We asked the software to create a Salvador Dalí-style painting of Downtown St. Pete’s marina.

2. We asked DALL·E 2 to envision a new mascot for both sides of the Bay. And it created a monster. The Tampa Bay Rowdies jersey-wearing Devil Ray is holding a buccaneer’s sword. We asked the AI to place lighting in the background of the picture to symbolize the Bolts.

3. We wanted to know if the site could use the vibe of the crowd at the Gasparilla Boat Invasion in Downtown Tampa. What do you think? Let us know if it’s on the right track.

4. Lastly, we asked for a professional photo of Tampa’s skyline.

Now, test out DALL·E 2 for yourself. Recreate your fave place in TBAY, and we may put it in the newsletter. Send us your creation.

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