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Your Tampa Bay area photo submissions

We recently asked our readers for their best local snaps, and here are a few of our favorites.

An orange sunset overlooking the water in Tampa Bay. Water is rippling, and a wooden dock protrudes toward a boat in the foreground. The horizon in the distance appears to have mangroves, greenery, and a couple of buildings set beneath wispy clouds.

It can be hard to capture the beauty of local sunsets.

Submitted by Barry H.

Well, well, well. There are certainly some photography experts among our wonderful readers. We recently asked for your best local shots, and you did not disappoint.

The sunset photo above was among the submissions, depicting the serenity of the golden hour on our waters. Fun fact: St. Pete alone boasts 244 miles of coastline.

That’s one reason why Tripadvisor ranked the Burg No. 2 in its list of trending destinations earlier this year. The travel site also mentioned the city’s outdoor spaces, leisure options, and 361 days of sunshine per year, meaning sunsets like this are all too common.

A shot of the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa. The Selmon Expressway runs along the front of the picture, with greenery and mangroves below. High rises are behind, including the Rivergate Tower, which sits below mostly blue skies with partial wispy cloud cover.

From coastline to skyline.

Submitted by Gilcelia B.

While the Tampa Bay area’s natural beauty is often at the forefront of local photographic exploits, we shouldn’t neglect our concrete jungles.

One of those is found in downtown Tampa, where high rises regularly pierce cerulean skies, captured perfectly by Gilcelia B.'s photo. While mangroves and palm trees remind us of our tropical location, this shot encapsulates the hustle and bustle of our thriving home.

It’s an example of why WalletHub ranked the Big Guava No. 2 in its list of best US cities for jobs, and its No. 6 ranking among best foodie cities shows how pleasure accompanies business here.

A blue heron sits by a lakefront, surrounding by flora. There are green leaves in the foreground, and palm trees surround the bird in front of the still water surface. The surface reflects the mangroves behind it, and there are streaks of sunlight filtered around.

We share Tampa Bay with an abundance of wildlife.

Submitted by Todd S.

Last but certainly not least, this blue heron stands between lush greenery on the hunt for some lunch. This shot epitomizes our home’s natural beauty, featuring calm waters, palm trees, and sunlight streaks.

There are birdwatching opportunities aplenty in TBAY, including at Lettuce Lake, among a host of other choices. You can also support local avian wildlife at the Seaside Bird Sanctuary in Indian Shores, or at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, which frequently offers talks + guided hikes.

We’re always on the hunt for more photos of the Tampa Bay area, so send in your best.

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