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Tampa Bay area neighborhoods as dog breeds

Which dog breed’s personality matches your neighborhood?

A Golden Retriever with a stick in its mouth in front of a sunset background.

We get serious Golden Retriever energy from the Channel District.

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The Tampa Bay area is known for its dog-friendliness, but what about its just plain dogginess?

Today, we’re visualizing local neighborhoods as dog breedshere’s how we think the kibble would crumble.

Ybor City: Havanese

With its rich history and cultural ties to Cuba, Ybor City is much like the Havanese, a dog breed that is actually native to the island country. The breed is also an ideal city dog, making it the perfect match for this neighborhood just northeast of downtown.

Hyde Park: Poodle

Posh and stylish, poodles match Hyde Park’s ritzy-and-exciting-yet-established-and-historic vibe. A breed of water dog, poodles perfectly accompany Hyde Park’s proximity to the bay, too.

Channel District: Golden Retriever

The Channel District definitely has Golden Retriever energy. Constantly buzzing thanks to places like Amalie Arena, Water Street, and Sparkman Wharf, there’s never a lack of excitement in this neighborhood. Just like a golden, the Channel District is eager-to-please.

Seminole Heights: French Bulldog

Known as a popular dog for creatives, the French Bulldog is akin to the artsy Seminole Heights. We’re sure a Frenchie would love to stroll the popular Seminole Heights Market, and the dog’s short-but-adorable stature matches the neighborhood’s iconic, quaint homes perfectly.

Old Northeast: Chinese Crested Dog

Old Northeast is known for its Halloween enthusiasm, so it only makes sense that this neighborhood’s dog breed is little... scary looking. The Chinese Crested Dog’s bark is worse than its bite, though — like Old Northeast, this breed is great for families and incredibly affectionate.

Grand Central District: Dalmatian

Just like the Grand Central District, Dalmatians are distinct and eye-catching thanks to their unique coats. “The city’s original Gayborhood” where Pride flags are hung year-round and people are welcome to be themselves, Grand Central District matches the loyalty and protectiveness of this breed.

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