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Inside two new exhibitions coming to the Polk Museum of Art this spring + summer

Lakelanders can see the stunning works of Imogen Cunningham now through July 15 and Steven Kenny now through August 6.

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Slideshow of photographs and paintings by Imogen Cunningham and Steven Kenny

Imogen Cunningham Magnolia Blossom 1925 Collection of Imogen Cunningham Trust; Imogen Cunningham Paris 1961 Collection of the Imogen Cunningham Trust; Steven Kenny The Monarchs 2019 Collection of Ms. Sylvia Rusche St. Petersburg, FL; Steven Kenny The Prince 2004 Oil on linen Gift of the artist Polk Museum of Art Permanent Collection.

Photos provided by The Polk Museum of Art

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This spring and summer, the Polk Museum of Art welcomes two can’t-miss exhibitions, including the work of one of the most celebrated photographers in the history of art.

Seen & Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham

The exhibition features 60 photographs by Imogen Cunningham, whose life and career traversed nearly a century.

Cunningham was a female member of the male-dominated f/64 group of photographers (think: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Willard Van Dyke) and left her indelible stamp on the history + development of modern photography. The exhibition will run through July 15.

In the Eye of the Mind: The Fantastic Realities of Steven Kenny

Inspired stylistically by Dutch and Flemish masters of the Renaissance + Baroque eras, the paintings of Steven Kenny are eye-catching for their simultaneous mix of the rational and the irrational.

In this exhibition of his work from the past two decades, Steven Kenny invites Lakelanders to enter his imagined world. Visit the museum now through August 6 to see Kenny’s work.

Bonus: Museum admission is always free.*

Experience the exhibitions

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