Does being a Tampan mean you have a different personality than someone, from, say, St. Pete?

There’s a new science out there called geopsychology.

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Being a Floridian makes us emotionally stable and extraverted.

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Does where we physically live have any bearing on the kind of personalities we have? Science is pointing toward, “Yes.”

It’s a new science called geopsychology.

What is it?

As ResearchGate notes, geopsychology “is defined as the relationship between the complex matrix of static and time-varying geophysical and geochemical variables within a locality and human behavior.” This is to say, there is a correlation between one’s geophysical space and one’s mind.

Living on a peninsula surrounded by Tampa Bay, Boca Ciega Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the intracoastal waterways, makes our personalities different from, say, an Ybor City local.

What does it say about Floridians?

  • We tend to be pretty extroverted, but less so than folks in the Midwest.
  • We’re fairly agreeable here in Florida, just slightly less than our neighbors in Georgia + Alabama.
  • We show high levels of conscientiousness.
  • We’re pretty emotionally stable around here.

Learn more about geopsychology + how it impacts personalities here in Tampa Bay, across Florida, and country-wide. about

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