ChatGPT generated jokes about Tampa Bay, FL

It’s National Clean Joke Day, and we used ChatGPT to write some for us.

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Find out why this City Editor Brad retired from stand-up comedy in the Wrap.

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Today on National Clean Joke Day, we asked ChatGPT to write a few quips about the Tampa Bay area. These jokes are so awful, they might actually make you chuckle.

Without further adieu, here are three super squeaky-clean “jokes” (we warned you):

Q: Why did the Tampa Bay Lightning player open a bakery?
A: Because they knew a thing or two about scoring “delicious” goals and creating “sweet” victories on the ice.

Q: What did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan say to the famous Columbia Restaurant?
A: “I’m ready to tackle some mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches and score a touchdown of flavors at your establishment.”

Q: Why did the St. Petersburg artist become a comedian?
A: Because they mastered the art of making people laugh while painting the town with colorful jokes and hilarious sketches.

Artificial intelligence might not be able to make us laugh just yet, but you know who does? You. Have a good joke? Let us hear it.

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