What’s next for Robles Park Village?

A developer filed a zoning request with the City of Tampa as part of the plans to turn the historic housing development into a mixed-use neighborhood.

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The development will replace the former Robles Park Village.

Developers have filed a rezoning request for the area including Robles Park Village, as first reported by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

The historic public housing complex is nestled between Tampa Heights and Seminole Heights, and could become a bustling new neighborhood complete with even more housing, shopping, a community center, and parks.

Property Markets Group Affordable + Baker Barrios Architects Inc. were selected by the Tampa Housing Authority to create a master plan for the site in 2020. PMG has now developed that plan, and filed the application with the City of Tampa last week.

What’s the plan?

  • Housing including townhomes, multi-family units, and senior living units
  • Parks
  • A 30,000-sqft grocery store
  • Parking spaces
  • Retail and office space
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A look at the site plans for part of the Robles Park area.

Screenshot via Tampa Housing Authority + Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.

What about the current residents?

Robles Park Village was built in 1951 + is still home to many across its 400+ units in 67 buildings. Thus, part of the plans includes new affordable housing (including senior living) and a 30,000-sqft community center for residents — with services like childcare, healthcare, and career counseling. Leaders have already secured $4 million in seed funding for the hub.

The area is also home to Tampa’s first Black cemetery: Zion Cemetery. The redevelopment plans include restoring the cemetery + honoring its history with Zion Memorial Gardens, Celebration Park, and Memorial Walk.

What could the land be used for?

In the rezoning request, the developer requests the land be zoned for uses like:

  • Office space
  • Retail bakery
  • Vocational and business schools
  • Daycare and nursery facility
  • Pharmacy
  • Clubs
  • Alcohol (which would require a special use approval)
  • Restaurant

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