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The City of Tampa is working to fix South Tampa’s flooding problem

The area’s roads are often covered in water after heavy rainfall.

A photo of Mannatan Ave and Vasconia Street with flooding on the roads. The residential area has houses around and there are cars driving through the water nearby.

South Tampa’s roads are no strangers to standing water.

Photo via City of Tampa

South Tampa is known for its bars, restaurants, shopping, and gorgeous Bay views. But it’s also a flooding hotspot.

Local officials have been working on a solution: The Manhattan Stormwater Project. It involves introducing a new stormwater pipe, just under a mile long, along a portion of South Manhattan Avenue. The area does not currently have a stormwater system, hence why it floods so readily.

The new pipe will help drain water faster, keeping the roads dryer and safer for locals. With close to $1 million in federal funding announced this week, the ~$11 million project is set to begin near the end of 2024. The work should be finished by spring of 2026.

The news comes after St. Pete just approved using almost $8 million to reduce flooding in the Shore Acres neighborhood.

Let us know where you’d like to see more flooding assistance in the Tampa Bay area.