Tampa’s updated yard waste rules

The new program will allow the city to transform ~38 million pounds of yard waste into nutrient-rich compost.

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Make sure to check these tips when getting ready to set your yard waste out.

Graphic via City of Tampa

Tampa’s ruling out plastic — at least where yard waste is concerned.

On Feb. 1, the city stopped accepting yard waste bagged in plastic, and is now asking residents to pack clippings in paper bags or bundled with natural fibers. The change allows the city’s recycling team + Veransa Mulching Facility to transform the collections into nutrient-rich mulch.

Through the program, ~38 million pounds will be composted every year — helping to lower the Big Guava’s carbon footprint, according to the city.

“In alignment with our Climate Action and Equity Plan, composting our yard waste is a big step toward creating a more sustainable Tampa,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “But residents and businesses will play a big role in making sure they remember to dispose of yard waste appropriately in order for the program to be successful.”

Here’s a few additional reminders, to keep you in the green:

  • Do not put food waste like fruits + vegetables, dirt, rocks, or heavy-duty debris in your bundle.
  • Residents are limited to four cubic yards of yard waste on their scheduled collection day.