Tampa Water Department working to address “forever chemicals” with new technology

The department is exploring state-of-the-art tech to help meet the EPA’s future drinking water regulations and address “forever chemicals.”

A silver machine located inside of a white building, shown behind an open door and window.

Once complete, this will become the largest SIX facility in the world.

Screenshot via Tampa Water Department B-roll footage

Tampa’s David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility is working to adopt a new tool to keep drinking water clean. SIX — or “suspended ion exchange” — is a state-of-the-art technology that can help reduce forever chemicals in water.

This news comes ahead of the expected release of the EPA’s finalized regulations on six PFAS chemicals, or forever chemicals. While the proposed limits are not yet official, currently, more than 33% of Florida’s water treatment facilities exceed those limits.

After piloting SIX back in 2020, the Tampa Water Department found that the tool can help reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat our drinking water, improve the quality of drinking water, and increase operational safety. Once completed, the Tippin facility will become the first SIX facility in America and the largest in the world.