Play a tune on one of Tampa’s 12 upcoming public pianos

A dozen of the instrument will be placed around the city.

Two people sit by the piano in Ybor. A dog is under the stool and Seventh Ave is in the background.

1920 Ybor is the site of the program’s first piano.

Photo by TBAYtoday

As 2024 rolls by, you may notice pianos popping up around the Cigar City. That’s because the nonprofit Tampa Tunes is installing 12 of them around the city throughout the year — and there’s no cost to tickle the ivories.

Founded by Josh Holton, the nonprofit’s website says it’s “on a mission to create a platform for all artists and musicians to play for free.”

Holton explained his vision to the Tampa Bay Times: “People need something positive and constructive to do to help them value their communities… I think if you give people something nice, they’re going to treasure it and take care of it.”

The first piano is already up and running at the newly renovated 1920 Ybor music venue, located at 1920 E. Seventh Ave. The keys were unveiled on Saturday, Jan. 6 with a live concert and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The goal is to install one new piano for each month of 2024. Read more about Tampa Tunes’ mission.