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Now serving: Tampa Bay for Thanksgiving dinner

A Thanksgiving meal is made up of lots of different parts — and so is TBAY.

A Thanksgiving meal sits on a wooden table. There is a turkey, roasted potatoes, stuffing, and other food items.

Turkey Day is right around the corner.

Photo by @lucilles_bbq

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Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, you know the drill. Thanksgiving is a time to fill your plate and express gratitude.

But what if the Tampa Bay area was a Turkey Day plate? If it were up to me (City Editor Patrick here), this is what it would look like:

🍗 Turkey

The main event. The big show.

When it comes to our main events, there is a lot to choose from here in TBAY. From huge acts at a host of live music venues, to cheering on one of our sports teams, we have a lot to gobble gobble up.

🥔 Mashed potatoes

Ol’ reliable.

What can we depend on in the Tampa Bay area? The weather. Although we get a few lumps + bumps along the way (I’m looking at you, Hurricane Season), there is always another hefty helping of sunshine right around the corner, making it a great place for a round of golf.

🍲 Gravy

The only form of hydration on the plate.

There are nearly 700 miles of shoreline in the Tampa Bay area. Lots of those miles line the Gulf of Mexico’s serene water. The Tampa Riverwalk is also a hub of activity, and Bayshore Boulevard runs ~4.5 miles up the Hillsborough Bay.

Bayshore Boulevard has clouds above it. The water is blue and we are looking south along the sidewalk.

That’s a lot of gravy.

Photo by TBAYtoday

🍞 Stuffing

Every table you sit at, it’s always just a little bit different — just like our TBAY neighborhoods.

There is hustle and bustle in Tampa + St. Pete’s downtowns, trendy spots in Seminole Heights, tranquility out in beachy areas, history in Ybor City, and upscale dining in Hyde Park, just to name a few. These differences help define our home.

🥦 Greens

The serious stuff.

Business is booming in the Tampa Bay area. New buildings are constantly popping up, it’s a great place to find a job, tourism is bringing in record revenue, and we’re drawing attention from foreign multinational companies. Now pass the Brussels sprouts.

🥧 Pumpkin pie

Time to finish with a treat.

It’s hard to keep up with all the new restaurants, cafés, coffee shops + bars constantly appearing in the Tampa Bay area — trust me, it’s my job. When added to the host of decades-long establishments, like the Columbia Restaurant, El Cap, and Bern’s Steakhouse, TBAY is a pretty sweet place to be.