Sunset Beach restoration project timeline

A portion of the Treasure Island beach is set to reopen after being closed for over a month for restoration efforts.

The sun is setting at Sunset Beach. There are people walking and the dune structure is visible in the far right of screen.

Just as the name implies, it’s a great place for a sunset.

Photo by TBAYtoday

We recently gave an update about the restoration project at Sunset Beach which left about a mile stretch closed to the public. Now the work is being finalized, here’s a timeline of events:

  • Saturday, Aug. 26–Thursday, Aug. 31: Despite coming no closer than 100 miles to the shoreline, Hurricane Idalia severely damaged the beach’s 40-year-old dune structure.
  • Friday, Sept. 22: Roughly one mile of the beach was closed by Treasure Island officials south of Caddy’s. Phase One of the project began and brought hundreds of trucks to dump sand + replenish what Idalia washed away.
  • Monday, Oct. 16: Workers began reintroducing plants to the dunes, including sea oats and beach elder as part of Phase Two. The plants catch sand and help dunes stay to compact + protect the community against tides and storm surges.
  • This weekend: The beach is expected to reopen to the public.