How to report potholes in the Tampa Bay area

You have the power to fix the roads.

Two workers pave over a pothole. They have long brushes and the asphalt is darker over the patches they are working on.

These are some of our area’s unsung heroes.

Photo by City of Tampa

Warmer weather is on its way to the Tampa Bay area. That means potholes could start to appear on our roads. Here’s how you — an informed + engaged TBAY citizen — can help.

What to know

Because of our climate, potholes can impact the Tampa Bay area throughout the year. Here’s why:

  • Around springtime, warmer daytime weather leads to asphalt expanding, then nighttime cooling makes it contract. This can cause a pothole to form.
  • Once the rainy season hits, water can seep below the surface and wear asphalt away. Eventually, air pockets cause the surface to cave in.

Road repaving costs the City of Tampa a reported $5 million per year, spanning ~30 miles of roads. This includes fixing an average of ~15,000 potholes annually in the Big Guava.

Before submitting pothole repair requests, remember many of the roads in the Tampa Bay area are operated by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), including I-275 and US-19. Use our region’s request form if your issue applies to an FDOT-operated road.

A map of the Tampa Bay area and the roads operated by the Florida Department of Transportation. These include highways, state roads, and other state-operated roads.

FDOT operates many of our area’s roads.

Screenshot via FDOT

What to do in Tampa

The Cigar City launched its “Fix It Fast” program in 2021, focused on getting common road repairs — including potholes — complete within 72 hours.

File an online report or call 813-274-3278 (813-274-FAST) at any time of day. Or contact Tampa’s Transportation and Stormwater Services Call Center at 813-274-3101.

What to do in St. Pete

Potholes and other road repairs are handled in the Burg by the St. Pete Service Center and SeeClickFix — a reporting + tracking site.

Download SeeClickFix on your Apple or Android device, or head to the website to make a report.

If you want to contact the St. Pete Service Center directly, you can do so in the following ways:

Outside of Tampa + St. Pete, check your city’s website for more information.