Choose your own adventure: TBAYtoday edition

It’s a leap year, and City Editor Bailey wants your help figuring out how to spend her extra day. Make your choices in the poll below, and Bailey will do as you say for leap day.

Editor Bailey holds her dog in front of the water.

Help City Editor Bailey choose how to spend her Leap Day.

Photo by TBAYtoday

Hey, Tampa Bay. Bailey here. As you may know, it’s a leap year, which means we have an entire extra day to enjoy.

I want you to help me figure out how to spend my extra day in Tampa + the Burg. Fill out this poll and I’ll do what you, as a collective audience, choose.

Wake up and smell the…

  • Coffee
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Breakfast sandwiches

Get some afternoon exercise by...

  • Doing a yoga flow at the nearest park
  • Jogging and walking down a local trail

Head to work at...

  • Armature Works
  • A local library
  • King State St. Pete
  • Buddy Brew

Grab dinner at...

  • Streetlight Taco
  • Wicked Cantina
  • Ulele
  • Naked Farmer

Enjoy evening entertainment by...

  • Shopping at Hyde Park Village
  • Sipping a drink at happy hour
  • Grabbing ice cream from Dairy Joy
  • Attending a local sporting event

Is there something else you’d like to see me do? Drop your suggestions at the end of the poll. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to fit it in, but I promise I’ll try.

Bonus: I’ll report back on Leap Day with an update of everything you chose, and I completed.