7 Food Challenges in Tampa Bay for thrill-seeking foodies

From monstrous burgers to massive pizza, TBAY offers a range of food challenges for those who want to push their limits.

Cookie Munchers Challenge

Pro tip: The longer the cookie sits, the dryer it gets unless you eat it outdoors (due to the Florida humidity)

Screenshot by Cookie Munchers via Joel Hansen

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Prepare your tummies, TBAY.

It’s time to test your taste buds + push your stomach to the limit. We’re venturing on the wild side of Tampa Bay’s foodie culture, diving deep into the world of food challenges.

Here’s seven to sink your teeth into, if you dare:

The meat gauntlet

Thee Burger Spot | 3917 N. Tampa St., Tampa

Thee Burger Spot’s “Burger Challenge” is a must-try for burger lovers. Fair warning: one winner said it “felt like burning lava going down.”

  • Challenge: Devour six sizzling hot, fully-loaded half-pound beef burger patties
  • Rules: You have to finish in 15 minutes or less. Time starts when the beast hits your table.
  • Prize: If you succeed, you’ll get a shirt, a photo on the Wall of Fame, and a free burger.

Shula Burger | 500 S. Howard Ave., Tampa
Also, for burger lovers — try the Stack Attack at Shula. Stay away from this if you’re watching
your weight (or any of these, for that matter). Do you have what it takes to join the 48oz Club?

  • Challenge: Finish 48 ounces of burger, fries, onion rings, and a glazed donut.
  • Rules: You have to finish it all before 48 minutes runs up. (The best time is 4 minutes and 48 seconds.)
  • Prize: It’s free of charge if you can take it all down.

Frontier Steakhouse | 8602 Sligh Ave. E., Tampa

If you’re a steak specialist, the “Frontier Steakhouse Cattle Challenge” is probably for you.

  • Challenge: Eat a massive six-and-a-half pound steak dinner with a baked potato and side salad.
  • Rules: You have 75 minutes.
  • Prize: If you succeed, you’ll get the meal for free, a shirt, a license plate decal, and a place on the Wall of Fame.

Add a little spice

Munchies420 Cafe | 6639 Superior Ave., Sarasota

Less of a challenge and more of can you survive it situation. If you like hot wings — get ready to rethink that opinion. These wings had to make the list because they gave the “Man vs. Food” host a tough time to say the least. IYKYK.

  • Challenge: Order the Fire in Your Whole wings
  • Prize: Pride

It’s pizza time

Sam’s New York Pizza | 6142 Massachusetts Ave., New Port Richey

Pizza lovers rejoice — there’s a challenge for you too.

  • Challenge: Eat a massive 28-inch pizza weighing a whopping eight pounds.
  • Rules: You have under an hour to get it done.
  • Prize: Win a cruise for two people to the Bahamas for three days and two nights.

The sweet spot

Cookie Munchers | 11842 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Tampa

If you’re not here for the “meat cute,” how about a “sweet cute”? Head to Cookie Munchers in Tampa for a dessert date with its 10 Cookies with Milk Challenge.

  • Challenge: Devour 10 cookies and finish a glass of milk.
  • Rules: Sounds easy, right? Well, you only have five minutes to finish them all.
  • Prize: If you’re the Cookie Monster, you’ll receive a free shirt — no charge for the challenge, and your photo on the Wall of Fame.

Revolution Ice Cream | 4032A W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa

Can you complete “The Anarchy Challenge?” That’s what Revolution calls its mountain of ice cream.

  • Challenge: Eat 24 full scoops of ice cream. That’s a total of six pounds of dairy, clocking in at over $29. (You choose the flavors)
  • Rules: Finish in under 30 minutes.
  • Prize: If you manage to finish all the ice cream, then it’s free.

We are not responsible for your loss of appetite after reading this article.

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