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We got the beans 🫘

Tampa ranked highly on WalletHub’s yearly roundup of best coffee cities in the United States.

Two glasses of frothy iced coffee outside at King State Coffee

Take your iced coffee outside to King State’s patio to enjoy the early fall weather.

Photo by @alattewithbrooke

Watch out Seattle (wink SEAtoday), Tampa might just be the next up-and-coming coffee mecca. We ranked No. 6 on WalletHub’s 2022 Best Coffee Cities in America. ☕

Still looking for your perfect local cup of joe, or want to go on a celebration tour? Here’s a few of the best spots to check out (with our recommendations of course):

  • Buddy Brew seems to be ubiquitous in Tampa Bay — with seven storefronts/locations + a coffee slinging truck and a TIA stand. And for good reason, all loyal Buddy Brew hounds know the iced lattes + pour overs are incredible.
  • King State Coffee is one of the comfiest hangouts in Tampa, located at 520 E. Floribraska Ave., with its windowed garage door exterior + bar, plus the coffee is roasted each week for max freshness.
  • Drive-thru coffee gets an upgrade with Kahwa Coffee Roasters‘s drip coffee, iced chais, and ham + cheese croissants. Plus, its storefronts sell cold brew growlers so you never have to buy grocery store cold brew again.