“Love is Blind” looks to cast Tampa Bay residents ❤️

Calling all ready to mingle Tampa Bay singles

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Are you ready to give a blind date a try?

Photo by @loveisblindnetflix

Calling all single folks looking to discover if love is truly blind — Netflix’s hit dating show ''Love is Blind'' is looking for Tampa-based contestants.

Here’s how the show works:

  • For ten days, participants have conversation dates with other contestants while staying in separate "pods.” The key: these pods are wired so contestants can hear each other but never catch a glimpse.
  • The two can only meet face-to-face if a successful marriage proposal takes place.
  • Once couples are engaged, they go on a vacation together to a resort where they can choose to take things up a notch — if ya know what we mean.
  • After that, they move in together for four weeks and meet each other’s closest friends and family.
  • Four weeks later, in front of a crowd and upon a wedding altar, the two must choose if they will tie the knot or not.

If interested, here’s a link to the spicy 69-question form, asking potential participants personal questions.

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