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Trying to flex that funny bone? 不

A roundup of local comedy stores that offer open mic nights and comedy lessons.

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Yes, thats me (City Editor Brad). Yes, thats the Spitfire Comedy House in St. Pete. And yes, I was shaking the whole time.

Photo by TBAYtoday

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So you want to be funny, huh?

Studies show that a sense of humor can improve your mental and physical health, boost your attractiveness, and improve your leadership skills.

Unfortunately, one of the best ways to get good is to get stage time at open mics and make mistakes or by watching other comics get laughs.

There are a variety of styles and genres of humor. But at these venues, you can work mainly on these two: standup + improv.

Comedy Clubs

Sign-up is usually first come, first serve, and in-person. We recommend calling ahead.